Meeting Rooms and Conference Centres in Jakarta

Meeting Rooms and Conference Centres in Jakarta

Through The Executive Centre, you will find some of the best conference facilities available in Indonesia, and Asia for that matter.
Our meeting rooms and conference centres can be found in all major cities across the Asia-Pacific region, including Jakarta, and cater for events of all sizes. Our conference centres in Jakarta can be found at professional venues such as Sampoerna Strategic Square and One Pacific Place. These are some of the most professional and prestigious venues in the city, making it the ideal place to host a business event.

When choosing to hosts your events through The Executive Centre, these are some of the benefits that you can look forward to:
  • High Quality Audio/Visual: We understand the importance of having the best quality equipment on hand. This not only ensures that the message comes across clearly and professionally, but also that there are no interruptions due to equipment failure.
  • Internet and Communication systems: The Executive Centre installs advanced communication systems as well as fast, reliable and secure internet options. Conferences and events are no longer confined to a single room, so we aim to make a similar impact on those attending via online portals or the phone, as those who are standing in the room.
  • Complete Support: The Executive Centre employs experienced, highly trained staff to offer support throughout your event. They are on hand at all times to jump in where needed, allowing you to run the event in complete confidence.
Find out more about our conference centres in Indonesia now by contacting a consultant or view our Jakarta venues online.

Booking through the TEC Mobile App

The TEC Mobile App allows you to check meeting room availability and book any of our meeting spaces across the TEC network, anywhere, at any time with just a few taps on any mobile device. You can also manage your booking, change it or add on extra requirements such as catering or audio visual aids whenever you need to.
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Available in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Bahasa Indonesia. Free download from:

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