Video Conferencing Services in Jakarta

Video Conferencing Services

The beauty of technology means that your business opportunities are no longer refined to a single area. The Executive Centre’s video conferencing facilities in Indonesia allow you to connect with as many people around the world as you need to during your next business meeting, conference, seminar or training event.

The Latest in Video Conferencing Technology

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our multi-point and point-to-point video conferencing facilities are paired with top CISCO and Polycom technology – ensuring that audio/visual facilities are at the same standard. This allows you to clearly make your point and avoids having costly travel needs attached to your event.

Fast and Reliable Internet Access

Fast, quality streaming is essential nowadays, which is why The Executive Centre has sourced some of the best internet options available in Indonesia. There is no need to worry about video or audio cutting out while you are getting to the most important points.

Convenient Locations

With some of the most prestigious locations in Jakarta, you can be sure that you will make use of professional venues that are easy to access whether you are travelling from within Indonesia or abroad.

Advanced Support

The Executive Centre employs experienced, trained staff who are on hand at all times to make sure that your conference runs smoothly. Whether you need technical support or other business services during the event, we will be happy to assist.