Serviced Offices. What are they all about?

Designed to accommodate multiple companies of different sizes, a Serviced Office is a fully functional office facility providing administrative services, modern office equipment, and conference meeting facilities on demand.

When you choose a Serviced Office from The Executive Centre you have access to:
  • Fully furnished or serviced office suites
  • Professional client greeting and reception service
  • Training and meeting facilities
  • Advance IT and telecommunications systems
  • Cafés, breakout areas and lounges
  • Secretarial and administrative support

Why you should consider a Serviced Office?

For companies starting up, a Serviced Office offers a cost-effective solution to the problem of finding space from which to conduct business. Serviced Offices are often used as extra space in which to expand, but they are also used as offsite project spaces.

Serviced Offices can be viewed as a way of managing investment risk. They enable companies to minimise upfront capital investment because they do not lock businesses into long term leases. At the same time, Serviced Offices provide all the benefits of a fully functioning office, such as secretarial services and conference facilities -- charged for only when required.

What are the major considerations for choosing the right Serviced Office?

  • Strategic location in the central business district and close proximity to transportation and amenities
  • Image and reputation of the building
  • Overall first impression of the facility
  • Flexibility of office space arrangement
  • Reliability of the serviced office provider and their clientele profile
  • Quality and efficiency of the facilities and equipment
  • Attentiveness and professionalism of staff
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of general facilities

How many people can The Executive Centre accommodate?

Clients of The Executive Centre range in size from 1 to 80 people.

How do Serviced Offices measure office space?

Gross size is usually given as the quoted area. Usually this includes public areas such as meeting venues, refreshment areas and the lobby.

What are the tangible savings that can be achieved by opting for a Serviced Office?

  • No start-up costs such as interior design, office fit-out, office furniture, equipment and agency fees
  • No additional costs for hiring, training or employing administrative support staff
  • Sizeable savings on rental deposit
  • Access to extensive facilities without investment in additional space (i.e. conference facilities, lounge area)